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About Me

​A natural intuitive, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner and oracle card reader, I use several instruments to guide and assist participants in walking through the path that was intended to be taken.  I offer guidance in health, finance, career, family and other life areas using safe and loving messages to bring peace to stressful situations. I convey personalized awareness to your questions through uplifting, motivational, and inspirational readings.

One on One!

Your Chakras cleared, answers to spiritual, financial, career, and other personal needs performed in a Reiki Healing Session and Saints and Angels Oracle Card Reading.

Why choose me to lead you on your personal journey?

You will receive only the best and most personal attention from me as your Spiritual Wellness Healer.

My Services

One on One Life Coaching

If you are interested in helping yourself grow, achieve your goals, and maybe even stretch yourself beyond boundaries you have created for yourself .. I am for you!!!!! I will help you explore and come up with the best choices for you based on where you are and your vision for the future. I work on the process of changing behavior, which can be more valuable than giving instructions.

We will work together to guide you towards developing specific and clear goals that are in alignment with your intention. I will not do the work for you, but be an advocate for you to accomplish your goals. We will work on setting up a reasonable time frame. It is important to remember, that it may have taken you months or years to get stuck in your current issue. It will likely take more than one session to start moving in a forward direction. 

Are you really in need of a mental health professional?

Life coaching is not a substitute for mental health counseling. If you or a loved one have a diagnosis of a mental health issue, a life coach should not be the first step. It is best to have a mental health provider like a psychiatrist, psychologist, or trained mental health counselor help with diagnosis, treatment and counseling.

Reiki, Reading, Relaxation Session

A holistic combination of an Oracle card reading and a Reiki healing. A 55 minute session allows for chakra alignment along with messages to be brought forward.  This is where I do my best and most powerful work! Most often angels and spirits guide us through this session – while receiving loving messages to help you through your journey.  Clients coming out of this combination session feel calm, lighter and uplifted.

Oracle Card Reading

Using Oracle cards, I receive messages that allow the loving connection from heaven to be conveyed to the client.  I assist clients through their journey regarding health, finances, career, family and other life areas.  


What Clients Are Saying

Today, I had a reiki session and reading with Kris. The energy work that happened during the reiki session left me feeling so much lighter and focused. The reading, as always, was spot on and in line with my journey. Kris is blessed with an amazing set of skills, gifts and talents; of which, all credit is given to and received from God. I have and will continue to recommend that everyone connect with Kris. You will be encouraged and inspired on your journey. Oracle card reader, reiki practitioner, and life coach “extraordinaire”, that is Kris!

– Christine Marie

I had a reading with kris this morning and she was spot on with everything. She gave me great information and hope for the future. She also gave me clarity on my great aunts passing that I have struggled with since 2011. I could never repay kris enough for the reading she gave me today and I absolutely recommend her.

– Larry N Valerie Lum

Kris knew things intuitively about me that she could not have known- she is wonderful and the angels are clearly working through her! Beautiful energy session, clearing and readings! Thank you Kris you are an awesome light worker!

– Stephanie Marie LaBonte

Probably the most calm I had felt in years. She is incredible. I felt so uplifted after her session. I can highly recommend her. Her card readings are right on target. Incredible!

– Jen Keidel-Hychko

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